Spalding Green Dental Health offers Non-Surgical Bite balancing services

Dr. Spalding Green of Spalding Green Dental Health in Nashville, Tennessee, is here to assist patients with a wide range of services, including bite balancing. Bite balancing is the assessment and repair of the smile to keep the bite correctly aligned. Alignment of the bite is essential to avoid unwanted wear on existing teeth and help ensure the most efficient eating and speaking. While many patients think of bite alignment with orthodontic work, this is not always the case. Speaking with a dental provider is the best way to determine if bite balancing is needed and discuss how it can be achieved.

What is bite balancing?

Bite balancing is another term for bite correction. Dr. Spalding Green provides non-surgical bite correction for patients in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. His facility offers bite alignment services in various ways but always starts with a bite analysis. This evaluation allows the dentist to determine if there is poor alignment and plan out how to correct it. Bite balancing has many benefits, both for cosmetic purposes and for functional use of the smile. The upper and lower jaw and dental arch should always be properly aligned, and Dr. Spalding Green can educate patients on how to make this happen.

Who is a candidate for bite balancing?

Bite balancing can be performed for both children and adults. During an initial assessment, x-rays of the upper and lower jaw may be taken to determine if misalignment is present. Treatment options are discussed with the patient once the dentist has decided if the alignment is mild or severe. There are several different avenues a patient can take in achieving better bite alignment with Dr. Spalding Green.

Learn more about bite balancing

If you need a bite analysis and are interested in finding out if you need bite balancing services, contact Dr. Spalding Green and his team by calling (615) 209-9321 for an appointment. The office is located at 2000 Richard Jones Road in Suite #166 and is here to help new and current patients and families achieve better oral health and wellness—and improved dental bite alignment!